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“Those who seek to please everybody please nobody”

hair piece, artificial flower,
aluminium wire, ceramic vase

variable sized


Les Animaux modèles is a cross-collaboration project conceived by pianist Joseph Havlat (2019 Keyboard Section Final winner at ROSL Annual Music Competition) which includes a new narration based on Jean de La Fontaine’s Fables, presented by 6 artists.

Piano: Joseph Havlat
Narrator: Zeb Soanes
Artists: Matilda Barretta, Laura Bygrave, bill daggs, Yun Kim, Miro King, Kalman Pool
Commissioned and Performed by The Royal Over-Seas League, London, UK

Press: https://www.rosl.org.uk/visualarts/rosl-past-exhibitions/14-slide-panels/arts-homepage-panels/rosl-arts/arts/1427-les-animaux-modeles-concert-friday-2-september-2022

Installation view: Princess Alexandra Hall of The Royal Over-Seas League, London, 2022
Photography: by Robin Footitt, @robinfootittart

Photography by Piranha Photography, @piranhaphotography